Anna Marie Dunlap, Executive Coach, Kohler & Company

Board Member, Corporate

Anna Marie Dunlap is an executive coach and former corporate executive with 25+ years of experience in healthcare and education companies ranging from publicly traded start-ups to the Fortune 500. As an investor relations officer, communications leader or consultant, Ms. Dunlap has been a trusted advisor to numerous C-suite executives, including more than 15 CEOs and a state governor.

Ms. Dunlap has been a valued communicator in the context of mergers, acquisitions, for-profit conversions, restructurings, executive transitions, media crises, public policy initiatives, corporate financing, and initial public offerings.As an executive coach, Ms. Dunlap focuses on overall leadership development with a specialty in effective communication.

Ms. Dunlap holds a master’s degree in human resource economics and organizational behavior from the University of Utah. She received her coaching certification from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California and the International Coaching Federation.