Seth Kenner is the National Career Association Parliamentarian. Seth is a senior and part of the first graduating class at Odessa High School in Middletown, Delaware. 

Seth is entering his second year with JAG. He’s taken numerous leadership roles, including serving as Delaware’s first JAG state treasurer. He works at a retirement home in his town where he serves and fulfills the needs of the residents. 

After graduating high school, Seth wants to pursue a financial management career and be a real estate agent. Seth has an extensive list of colleges he is eager to apply to further his education. 

Seth’s Story:

I first learned about JAG at the beginning of my junior year, and since then, I have found my love and passion for JAG, making new memories and meeting new people. 

At the beginning of my junior year, JAG was on my schedule, and although I initially had no interest in the class during my sophomore year, something made me hesitate to change it. Trusting my instinct, I decided to keep the class, and since then, I have never regretted that decision, as it has turned out to be a valuable and rewarding experience.

This past year has had its ups and downs but investing more into myself, and JAG has helped me gain essential connections and develop my character to grow confidence. Within weeks of participating in JAG my first semester, I added to my knowledge on topics I had not known before, like FAFSA and mortgages. There were endless benefits that I had to explore. I became highly involved as a leader within the JAG classroom and built leadership skills, eventually becoming the first-ever JAG Delaware state treasurer. With more and more confidence, I ran to become a national career officer, and I am grateful to be the 2023-2024 parliamentarian. 

I will never forget this past year, and I want to make this next year even better. I want to take my fears as learning points to enhance my leadership and communications skills and improve myself and all the JAG participants nationwide. With this national platform, along with my team members, I am excited to find ways we can best support and be the voice of all the JAG students. I don’t know where I would be without a wonderful organization like JAG which cares for its members’ futures.