Jenna Flores is the National Career Association Secretary. Jenna is a 2023 graduate of West Point High School in Arizona.

Jenna has been a JAG participant for two years. During her senior year of high school, she was involved with the local and state JAG Arizona leadership group called LEADS as the Vice President, Secretary, and, most recently, the LEADS state President. 

She is passionate about creativity and plans to study Digital Design and Animation at a college or university in Arizona. 

Jenna’s Story:

I love JAG with all my heart; it allowed me to show my true potential to others and, most importantly, myself. I developed skills such as communicating and collaborating with others. In my first year, I could never imagine the tremendous growth I made compared to my senior year. JAG has given me a support system of people cheering me on no matter what. JAG helped me find a passion for helping others, and because of that, I plan to be a support system to not only my friends and family members but to all.

I always talk very highly of my position as a JAG leader from my state. As a result, many of the juniors in JAG are now applying to become one for the next term. My biggest supporters are my JAG program classmates, who always recognize my accomplishments. They helped me realize that I am becoming more successful each day. JAG has given me amazing memories. Each event was an unforgettable night, and I met my friends from other AZ JAG and State Affiliates and practiced our leadership skills together in new environments. Being a national officer is my next step, and I am eager to meet people from different states to work together. Being an ambassador and voice of the students, I can’t wait to empower others to grow and develop in ways I could have never imagined.

I’ve always loved helping others, and I am incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to serve nationally as your 2023-2024 NCA Secretary. During my term, I aim to create unforgettable memories and share many laughs with all the JAG members I meet along this fantastic journey.