Alternative Education Program Application

JAG’s Alternative Education Program is very similar to the Multi-Year Program, except students are not taking classes in a traditional high school program. Specialists work with 25-35 students to provide enhanced individual counseling and support services required by participants so they overcome and cope with challenges that may prevent students from staying in school through graduation or transitioning into the workplace and/or pursuing a postsecondary education. 

Class of 2018 Outcomes

  • 78% GED and/or high school graduation rate
  • 64% experiencing a positive outcome, including: employment, postsecondary education enrollment, or military
  • 57% employed in a job in the public or private sectors; 75% of those employed in a full-time job
  • 87% in a full-time placement, including: full-time job; full-time postsecondary enrollment; or, a combination of work and school