Bridget Merriman – Learning Solutions Manager

Hello JAG Fam! I am Bridget Merriman, JAG KY Specialist turned Learning Solutions Manager! In the last 4 months, I completed my first year with JAG, moved states, started a new super-cool job (a “genius” move I might add), and helped two of my children get accustomed to virtual learning! Some might call me crazy for taking on all of those changes during a crazy pandemic, but you can’t “mask” my excitement over becoming a part of the JAG National team!

So what else is there to know about me? I am a mother to a son and two daughters, ages 14, 10, and 3, a wife to an eleven year teacher and coach, and pet momma to an oversized dog and new to the family is our little kitty-cat. I was born and raised in Council, Virginia with my two sisters, one being 2 years older and the other 2 minutes older. Yup, I’m a twin! We are alike in many ways, one being our interest in all things creative but notably we love to draw, paint, and decorate cakes. What I love more than anything, however, is watching my children do the things they love! This means that in my free time, you may catch me spending all day in a gym or on the baseball/softball field. That leads to my next love, Kentucky sports! Ohhhhh, C-A-T-S Cats, Cats, Cats!!

On a more professional level, creating the experience portion of my resume was a lot like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle with pieces from a variety of different puzzles! With experience as a janitor, accounts payable rep., library assistant, waitress, restaurant manager, high school bookkeeper and attendance clerk, Webmaster, Public Relations, cake decorator, and JAG Specialist, you can see why! So why so many different jobs? I LOVE to learn new skills and I see the value and importance of EVERY job there is! Which is ultimately what has led to my newest career with JAG! JAG allows me to help students foster their love of learning and see value in themselves and the careers they pursue. Our students are ESSENTIAL, they are RESILIENT, and I am beyond excited to start this new journey with each of our JAG family members to help them be SUCCESSFUL! #WeAreFAMILY