Inner Circle Club

Charter Memberships to the JAG Inner Circle Club are available for a limited period of time.  Donors are provided a wide range of opportunities for personal engagement and for rendering advice and counsel on the work of the national organization and, as there may be interest, relevant JAG State Organizations.  Engagement opportunities include:

  • Semi-annual telephone and in-person briefings on the current challenges and opportunities faced by the JAG organization, for the advice and counsel of the JAG Inner Circle members, led by Governor Jack Markell, JAG Board Chair.
  • Invitation to be the guest of the national JAG Board of Directors at its in-person Board meetings.
  • The opportunity to participate in the JAG National Leadership Awards Events, held in Washington in November.
  • A special gathering with the Chair and senior members of the Board of Directors for an in-person discussion in which the Inner Circle Club members can provide advice and counsel for the following year.
  • Participation at “friend-raising” events conducted periodically across the country by the Chair and Vice Chairs of the JAG Board of Directors.

Inner Circle Clubmembers invest $5,000 or more per year, with a three-year pledge commitment.  This commitment will allow JAG to utilize the funds to secure matching resources at the national and state levels for maximum value and impact and to sustain and grow the work of the national organization to serve thousands more high-risk youth.

For more information about membership in the JAG Inner Circle Club, contact: