JAG Employer Gateway

The Employer Gateway provides access to initiatives, testimonials and information that will be of value to prospective and experienced employers who are interested in mentoring JAG students and/or recognize the value in employing graduates of JAG Model programs.  The links below will be helpful in accessing valuable information to those interested in working more closely with JAG Model programs.  To provide feedback to Jobs for America's Graduates, state organizations or local programs, please use the "UserVoice Feedback" on the right-hand side of the page that provides you the opportunity to share your thoughts or request information.  Please share your questions or thoughts so we can connect you with the appropriate person to respond to your feedback.  If you are an employer of a JAG graduate, please let us know if they are exceeding your expectations or if we should contact their JAG Specialist to provide them with additional coaching to improve their performance.  If you are not familiar with Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG), please let us know and we will have the most appropriate person contact you.  Currently, JAG programs operate in thirty-two states and 1,041 programs.  We are engaged in conversations with most governors to establish a Jobs for Graduates program in all states so let us know if you are interested in a JAG Model program in your state and locale and we will share that information with state leaders. 

We are hopeful the following videos will be of value in sharing the JAG Story with other employers, educators, and community leaders.

  • Jim Kodis, Owner, Regal Finishing–discusses what it is like to hire students who been through the JAG program
  • Merissa Bahus, JAG Graduate–meet Merissa and learn how JAG set up her for success in the workforce
  • Nicole D. Bieker, CSP, Vice President of Operations, Milliner & Associates LLC–shares how her staffing company got involved with JAG, how they got started, in what JAG activities the staffing company got involved, how the JAG partnership affected business objectives, and how their firm gained visibility in the community because of their corporate social responsibility through their partnership with JAG.