JAG OOS Curriculum – Student Page


The JAG OOS Curriculum includes 20 modules that address competencies across a variety of career development topics. Each module includes a short video to introduce the topic and is divided into the following components:

  • Getting Started
  • Pre-Check
  • Objective
  • Learning Activities
  • Community Connection Activity
  • Reading Activity
  • Math Activity
  • Technology Application Activity
  • Electronic Portfolio Activity
  • Post-Check Activity


Directions (for Students)

Once you are ready to begin, follow these steps to complete the activities for each module at your own pace :

  1. Click on an image to open and view an introductory video recommended by your Specialist
  2. Click the associated link below the image to open a Powepoint Slideshow that includes module content (module content is also included in your Student Guide)
  3. Complete the module activities as outlined in the Powerpoint Slideshow
  4. Discuss the module activities with your Specialist



(If you are getting an error message when downloading the modules, please make sure that you have logged into ENDMS. These files are located in the library.)


Module 1:

Occupational Interests, Aptitudes & Abilities


Module 2:

Professional Resume & Cover Letter



Module 3:

Conduct A Comprehensive Job Search


Module 4:

Appropriate Use of Social Media

Module 5:

Job Application & Required Employment Tests


Module 6:

Job Interviewing Skills



Module 7:

Dress Appropriately for A Job Interview


Module 8:

Assess Your Position Description & Expectations

Module 9:

Evaluate Job Related Skills


Module 10:

Work Cooperatively with Others/Members of a Team



Module 11:

Conflict Resolution


Module 12:

Effective Decision-Making & Problem Solving

Module 13:

Positive Attitude, Work Ethic & Behaviors

Module 14:

Overcome Barriers & Accept Responsibility for Actions


Module 15:

Adaptability to New Conditions or Others’ Actions


Module 16:

Avoid Actions with Prior Undesirable Consequences

Module 17:

Questions to Deepen/Clarify Understanding with Listening

Module 18:

Set & Prioritize Goals


Module 19:

Plan to Climb the Professional Ladder


Module 20:

Effective Money Management