Thank you to our amazing supporters!

JAG was founded 40 years ago to address the inequalities too many of America’s youth experience. These inequalities limit opportunities and may prevent youth and young adults from achieving success, and our society as a whole suffers. Our experience and participant outcomes show that we can do better. JAG Specialists provide critical support and mentorship, help youth find their passion, teach them essential employability skills and connect them to jobs and post-secondary pathways. Through this, JAG students who face inequalities in education, jobs, and their well-being have the support system necessary to overcome challenges and find success. When they leave JAG, our mission is to ensure they have a genuine voice in their lives, communities and the nation.

We seek partnerships with companies, industries and funders that are equally passionate about these values and promote inclusion and diversity. These partners welcome and benefit our students, working together to help us build stronger schools, businesses, communities, and country.