Jobs for Maine’s Graduates Teamed Up to Help Those Less Fortunate This Christmas!

Posted Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 6:00 pm
By Tania Morales, WABI TV 5

Nearly 70 students with the program “Jobs for Maine Graduates” teamed up to help those less fortunate this Christmas.

After spending a month fundraising more than $3000, the students went shopping in Skowhegan.

“Helping kids out in need who don’t have enough money to get their own toys. So when they open these gifts Christmas morning, they’re going to be happy,” says Skowhegan Junior, Dylan Wyman.

“Everyone can come together no matter where you’re from. Whether you’re from Madison, Skowhegan or Carrabec. You can all come together and work towards a common cause,” says Madison Junior, Devin Mercier.

For some it gave them a sense of trust.

“It was kind of cool to give us the independence to kind of go and purchase for these families that we may know or we may not know, we don’t know. Feels good to be able to donate and give back and chaos was just another fun factor I believe in the whole experience,” says Mercier.

For others. boy, oh boy!

“I just had girls in my group and we had three boys, so we had no idea what we were supposed to get. No I was just running around with my head cut off trying to figure out what to get for a boy,” says Madison Junior Tiara Mang.

It’s all for one thing.

“Just the feeling to be able to give back to the community, make someone else’s Christmas that much better,” says Carrabec Senior, Adam Poulin.

“Enjoy their holidays and their vacations and things like that,” says Mang.

“All of our communities are a huge driving force behind our schools. Just to be able to give back to our communities, show our respect and compassion towards them is something that I think is a priority for me,” says Mercier.

The students say giving makes their heart smile and to them that’s important.

“That is going to increase the holiday spirit within the community, so they are going to spread them around too and maybe do something of their own like this,” says Poulin.