Karey Webb

As the Vice President of the Jobs for America’s Graduates Model, Karey directs programmatic operations for the JAG national network across 39 states. In her role she oversees the creation and implementation of professional development to over 1,400 educators across the country, competency delivery for 75,000 youth, and collaborates with educational platforms to offer enhanced learning content for JAG students.

Previously, Karey was the Director of the JAG Advantage,  worked with Specialists to facilitate the incorporation of Project-Based Learning as the primary student learning strategy used in JAG classrooms. She connected trauma-informed teaching practices as a foundational approach to reinforcing the importance of relationship building and recognizing resiliency in students. Karey helped to spark a renewed energy to the JAG Model by engaging employers to JAG classrooms and connecting opportunities for students to align their interests to career pathways.

Karey was fortunate to find her “dream job” out of college as a JAG Career Specialist in Minnesota. Working with youth to assist them building character, develop personal goals and refine employability skills to prepare them for the future “hooked” her from the start.  She has continuously advanced in the JAG organization, serving as a Specialist, Program Manager, state director, and National Trainer in various states over the past two decades.

Karey received her M.A. in Project Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and her B.S. in Youth Studies, Public Health, and African-American Studies from the University of Minnesota. When not traveling and training, Karey’s guilty pleasure is “crushing candy” on her phone, playing board games with her family, and long walks with her fur-buddy, Baldwin.