Michele Cody

Michele Cody is currently serving JAG National as the Data Analyst and Trainer.  Michele has been a part of the JAG Network since 2014 when a colleague approached her to help a state affiliate start up the non-profit organization that would administer the JAG program and rolls it out statewide.

Michele was recognized as a strong programmatic leader with strong quality assurance skills, studying the program model, developing policies, procedures, and best practices, and developing the on-boarding, as well as on-going training at all levels of the affiliate organization.  With the understanding that data is key in presenting and validating the delivery of the JAG Model with fidelity and integrity, she moved into the Director of Data and Quality Assurance position, where her number one role was ensuring that all staff members, from Specialists to Managers, understood what the data entry expectations were, providing training and on-going support, and developing tracking tools and dashboards utilized by the Specialists and Management teams.

Michele continually worked to develop colorful reports that were provided to the Legislature, funders, board members and school superintendents and principals that helped prove the JAG program’s value and secure on-going funding.  Over the past few years, Michele volunteered for multiple JAG National committees, such as updating and proof-reading the Specialist Handbook, updating the expected outcomes and goals, updating the selection criteria, and worked with the accreditation committee that visited various state affiliates to identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine where states may need additional training to meet the standards of the JAG National model.  Michele joined the JAG National team just recently and is excited to use her knowledge and experience to help other state affiliates with data analytics and training.