Multi-Year Program Application

The Multi-Year Program helps 9th to 12th graders prepare for and successfully complete high school, lasting to 60 months. Students are recruited in the 8th grade to attend JAG instructional classes during the 9th, 10th, 11th and/or 12th grade and receive support services for one year following graduation. Program components include:

Class of 2018 Outcomes:

  • 95% GED and/or high school graduation rate
  • 83% experiencing a positive outcome, including: employment, postsecondary education enrollment, or military
  • 66% employed in a job in the public or private sectors; 79% of employed are in a full-time job
  • 92% in a full-time placement, including: full-time job; full-time postsecondary enrollment; or, a combination of work and school