National Trainer Academy

Participate in this 3-step process to qualify to be a JAG National Trainer. 

*look at the course on the Genius under JAG U “JAG Trainer” or see for details on how to apply.

STEP 1: APPLICATION- Due by Friday, February 28, 2020


STEP 2:  CONTENT- Due by Friday, March 20, 2020

  • Candidate submits a video (5-minutes or less) of themselves training on a content area of choice


STEP 3:  TELECONFERENCE – to be scheduled March 26 or 27, 2020


*Submit Materials on the Genius under “JAG U”, in the “JAG Trainers” course or email them to

If selected, what am I signing up for?


  1. In-person Training, Location TBD- Arrive the evening of April 30, Training on May 1-2.

*States provide costs for travel, lodging, and incidentals and a registration fee of $95. JAG will cover meals during the training. 

  1. Attend an 8-week (1 hour) webinar series (time and date, TBD based on availability of the group)
  2. Complete homework assignments as requested (via the JAG Genius)
  3. Attend Pre-NTS & NTS

Arrive Sunday morning, July 12 and depart Friday afternoon, July 17.

Flight, Hotel, Registration, & stipend covered by JAG National. 

    1. Pre-NTS – Deliver 2-day, pre-NTS session
    2. NTS – Deliver two 90-minute workshops and other job duties as assigned
  1. Upon request, the availability to train 2-3 times per year.  The state would provide sub-costs and grant permission to be away from school (for Specialists who apply).  JAG National would provide travel, lodging, and stipend.
  2. Attend monthly webinars (hour-long, based on availability of the group) in 2020-2021 for ongoing training and development.
  1. Provide webinars to JAG Affiliates as requested (depends on need and availability, approx. 3 times/year)
  2. Assist with creation of courses on the JAG Genius (voice-overs of content, creating videos of new material, TBD).



  • Upload documents on the JAG Genius: Under “JAG U” – the “JAG Trainer” course.
  • On the JAG National Website at
    • Email supporting documents to



Letter of Recommendation Form

Trainer Content Description