National Career Association

The purpose of the National Career Association (NCA) is to help members explore career pathways, to assess the opportunities and appropriateness of pursuing further education, to connect members with representatives of their chosen pathway, to develop their knowledge and skills, to secure employment in a job, and to demonstrate their ability to enter and advance with the employer.

NCA Annual Events:

National Student Leadership Academy 
NSLA will serve as the capstone leadership experience for NCA state officers and leaders providing unique experiences through experiential learning, real world applicability, and networking. 

National Career Development Conference 
The National Career Development Conference (NCDC) is an opportunity for all NCA members to participate in general sessions, competitive events, educational workshops, leadership development training, and college and career exploration.  The NCDC also serves as a recognition opportunity for NCA members to demonstrate the competencies gained in the classroom through the NCA National Recognition and Competitive Events Program and participation in other NCDC activities.

National Competitive Event Program
The NCA Competitive Events are valuable tools for the chapter advisor to encourage members to improve their personal, leadership and employability skills. By offering the opportunity for recognition at  local, state, and national levels, members are apt to commit themselves to a higher level of performance.

Meet the NCA National Officers

Kira Canada

Kira Canada is the National Career Association President. Kira is a 2023 graduate of Waukee High School in Waukee, Iowa.
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Frida Medrano

Frida Medrano is the National Career Association President-Elect. Frida is a graduate of Copper Canyon High School in Arizona.
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Seth Kenner

Seth Kenner is the National Career Association Parliamentarian. Seth is a rising senior and part of the first graduating class at Odessa High School in Middletown, Delaware.
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Jenna Flores

Jenna Flores is the National Career Association Secretary. Jenna is a 2023 graduate of West Point High School in Arizona.
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