Out-of-School Program Application

The Out-of-School (OOS) program serves youth (ages 16-24) who have left the traditional school system and want to complete their high school diploma or GED. JAG OOS provides counseling, employability and technical skills development, professional association, job development, and job placement services that will result in either a quality job leading to a career after graduation and/or enrollment in a postsecondary education and training program.

Class of 2018 Outcomes

  • 60% GED and/or high school graduation rate
  • 70% experiencing a positive outcome, including: employment, postsecondary education enrollment, or military
  • 60% employed in a job in the public or private sectors; 74% of those employed are in a full-time job
  • 81% in a full-time placement, including: full-time job; full-time postsecondary enrollment; or, a combination of work and school