JAG Guardians
Why JAG is Right for Your Child

JAG will help your child develop the skills required to graduate high school and transition into Post-secondary Education and/or Employment.
When your child is a part of the JAG program they will learn how to build a resume,  work together as a team, lead their Career Association, be a active member of society through public service and civic engagement and get a an advance in a job. Upon completion of the program over 80% of participants are employed, in post-secondary education, or both. 


JAG students have an 11% higher graduation rate than that of the average U.S. High School senior.


JAG graduates are 2.3 times more likely to be employed full-time compared to the average 18 to 20 year old.


JAG graduates have a post-secondary education enrollment rate of 41%, approximately double to that of their peers who are not in JAG.