Tori Buell

Though her chief ambition is to one day control the entire Internet, Tori busies herself in the meantime managing JAG’s social and digital media. Hailing from Seattle, she moved to Virginia in 2001. Tori graduated from Virginia Tech in 2014 dedicated to repping maroon and orange for the foreseeable future.

Tori joined JAG in 2019 after working in the alcohol and beverage industry. In addition to her degree, Tori has completed several Web development-related courses, including topics such as HTML, JavaScript, Blogging 101 and Advanced Googling.

In her spare time, Tori hikes around Virginia with her two dogs Mumford and Babel, perfects the perfect pasta recipe and chases her dream of one day being a certified plant mom. Tori’s biggest goal is to move back to the PNW.