Services grounded in equity to achieve equality in outcomes

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) was founded 40 years ago to address the inequalities too many of America’s youth experience, which often limit opportunities and prevent youth and young adults from reaching their potential. In the last four decades, JAG has worked with over 1.4M young people nationwide who face significant economic, emotional, social, behavioral, and academic barriers, helping them achieve positive outcomes. JAG’s programmatic and participant results are consistent and compelling, demonstrating that JAG Students, in particular Students of Color, who face these challenges can and do achieve success when provided a support system and the needed resources to develop essential skillsets.

Clearly, 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year. A global health pandemic. An economic fallout. The heartbreaking and infuriating death of George Floyd and too many others, who are among the latest victims of racism the country has long suffered. While our students are resilient, our #JAGFAM needs companies and partners like you, now more than ever, to invest in them and their future.

JAG participants achieve these incredible outcomes because of JAG’s network, which we lovingly call our #JAGFAM. The #JAGFAM not only consists of JAG Specialists who work with their students daily, but also includes public and private-sector leaders who support our organization: the 14 Governors who serve on our Board (the highest number of Governors to sit on any U.S. Board), Members of Congress, CEOs and C-Suite Executives, the JAG Council of State Affiliates and, of course, JAG participants.

Partnering with JAG

The Employment Impact of the JAG Model program is outstanding. A recent third-party study conducted by Dr. Paul Harrington, Director of the Center for Labor Markets and Policy at Drexel University, compared the JAG student outcomes to the general 18- to 20-year-old population in the states where JAG Affiliates operate and found:

 Female JAG graduates 2.6x more likely to be employed full-time.

 Black JAG graduates 2.9x more likely to be employed full-time.

 White JAG graduates 2.1x more likely to be employed full-time.

 Hispanic and Asian JAG graduates 1.8x and 1.7x more likely to employed full-time than the comparison population.

Our Employer Partners recognize that JAG is a worthy investment, but they know it’s more than just a financial ROI – they encourage their staff to meet and work with Specialists and students and recognize that knowing our students is a benefit to them, as well. Our Employer partners see skillsets on display through various activities – from classroom visits, to hosting students in their offices, to co-creating Project Based Learning modules that develop JAG participants’ skillsets while solving community and business problems.

We are seeking like-minded partners who resonate with our mission and share values in engaging and celebrating diversity and inclusion.

In addition to the examples of activities and the sample budget on the following pages, many partners also support our national events and core funding.

 JAG Virtual National Students Leadership Academy December 2020: For the first time in JAG’s history, JAG’s largest annual event will go virtual due to COVID-19. Historically, NSLA brought together approximately 1,000 individuals, including the JAG Board of Directors, JAG Council of State Affiliates, friends, supporters, sponsors, and, most importantly, nearly 750 JAG Specialists and students to recognize those that have gone above and beyond to support the JAG organization and our students. Sponsorship of the event includes ensuring JAG students across the nation have the opportunity to participate in this interactive event. Sponsorships range from $5,000-$25,000.

National Virtual Training Seminar (VNTS): In July 2020, JAG’s largest annual professional development conference went virtual due to COVID-19, nearly doubling the participation rate from 650 JAG Specialists to 1300+. Building off this success, JAG plans to host next year’s training seminar virtually, as well. This 3.5 day critical interactive training equips Specialists with the professional development skillsets to deliver the JAG Model program in the post-COVID school environment. Sponsorship levels for 2021 range from $10, 000 – $50,000.

 Core Funding: In a time of economic uncertainty, general operating funds are necessary to respond to unanticipated expenses at the national and affiliate levels. Every dollar donated to JAG generates $35 which directly helps assure that JAG and our National Network stay operating at full capacity to support our students, their families, and communities during this emergency and long after.