“Through our collective efforts, we not only support JAG’s vision, we stand ready to engage with thousands of students.

– Jennifer Cunningham,
Vice President, Human Resources, ADM

Why partner with JAG

More than 19,000 companies and industry experts engage directly with our learners, driving JAG’s most inspiring impact stories. From the offices of Boeing to the warehouses of Tesla, our industry and funding partners allow our students to explore career pathways, gain real-world experience, and graduate as job-ready talent, ready to take on the world.

JAG helps answer the labor market’s #1 question: Where are the workers?

Employers are on a desperate search for people who are educated and equipped with essential soft skills. JAG works to address the talent gap and demographic drought, enabling you to:

  • Build a pipeline of diverse, job-ready young talent.
  • Give your brand the power to shine with positivity.
  • Boost your corporate culture with CSR and DEI fulfillment – in one go.
  • Equip the next generation of leaders to shape the future of work.

How to partner with JAG

JAG partnership opportunities take many forms, from national event sponsorships to supporting our general operating and program development.

Sponsor our National Events

Take part in the magic where our Employer Partners connect in real-time with Participants, Specialists, and State Affiliates from around the country. Celebrate the convergence of education, workforce development, professional networking, and skill-building with us.

Support our Learning Experiences

Help our participants explore evolving industries, career pathways, and the future of work. Provide thought leadership to support our dynamic program offerings, monthly challenges, competitive events, and upskilling / credentialing opportunities, all extended in virtual application to our 70,000 youth through Headrush.

Empower the JAG Network

Nurture our learning community with professional development to deepen skill sets and inspire and empower the best JAG Specialists, Managers, Trainers, and Administrators across the United States. Support general operating and program development so we can continue to serve more young people and double our impact.

Get the download on JAG opportunities!

Career Module Partnership Opportunities (PDF)

Trauma-Informed Care Partnership Opportunities (PDF)

Project-based Learning Opportunities (PDF)

Competitive Events and Challenges Partnership Opportunities (PDF)

Support the JAG National Career Association (PDF)

Next Steps

Step 1

Select your Impact

Work with our vice President of Development to choose your sponsored program. Contact

Step 2

Meet your team

Michelle will connect you with a Development or Education Team leader to kick off your project.

Step 3

Co-design your JAG Footprint

The JAG National team will present your JAG Footprint Plan and will schedule 1-3 meet-ups with your team for your thought leadership and feedback.