National Training Seminar

July 8-12, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV

The JAG National Training Seminar (NTS) is the most extensive professional development experience for the JAG National Network. Members of JAG gain inspiration, deeper skill sets, and robust professional networks with leading JAG Specialists, managers, trainers, and administrators from across the United States.






Improve Your Skills and Get Inspired!

NTS is a chance for specialists to network with their peers, learn best practices and build their skill set as members of the JAG Network. Click below to learn more about all the amazing opportunities at this year’s upcoming event (when available – check back soon!):

New Specialists

Delivering the JAG Model and the JAG Advantage: Participants will learn the ten JAG model components in a highly interactive workshop focusing on JAG technology tools and practical resources to deliver JAG model services.

Target Audience: Specialists with less than 2 years of experience.

New Managers

Leading JAG Programs:  This workshop will provide strategies to build a productive organizational culture, effectively hire, coach, and release employees, time management strategies, tools for effectively guiding former peers, and the use of JAGForce and Headrush as management tools.

Target Audience: Program managers with less than 2 years of experience.

    Project-Based Learning

    Design and Delivery: Join our partners at Empowered as they bring the JAG curriculum to life with rejuvenated instructional approaches that will increase student engagement. Now that you have had the opportunity to practice PBL in your classroom you will discover strategies to take your projects to the next level.

    Target Audience: Specialists with 2+ years of experience who wish to elevate their instructional practice with a focus on project-based entrepreneurial activities.

    Employer Engagement

    Outreach and Implementation: Learn the power of Employer Engagement from community experts in the field. This track will cover the four tiers of the JAG Employer Engagement framework and include a variety of best practices in strategically collaborating with employer partners.

    Target Audience: Specialists and Managers with 2+ years of experience who want to provide intentional opportunities for employment, certification, and educational approaches to participants utilizing methods that lead to lasting partnerships.

    Trama-Informed Care

    Delivery Beyond the ACEs Study: Beyond understanding that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) exist, this workshop aims at developing practices that shift us from Trauma-Aware to Trauma-Responsive.

    Target Audience: Specialists and Managers with 2+ years of experience who want to create resilient classrooms where participants self-regulate behaviors leading to personal growth and success.

    JAG Essentials

    JAG Leadership and Business Essentials: JAG Affiliate leaders will not want to miss this collaborative leadership session to focus on key issues impacting their organizations. Join subject matter experts as they guide us through topics focusing on fund development, marketing and communications, legal counsel, financial reporting, and innovative educational and technological practices.

    Target Audience: Affiliate staff in a variety of roles including senior leadership.

    2023 NTS Event Recap

    Twenty-twenty three marked a milestone – our 40th Annual National Training Seminar (NTS) at The Galt House in Louisville! NTS is the most extensive professional development experience for the JAG National Network.

    Together, we celebrated and lifted up the outstanding work of JAG staff presenting awards that recognize Outstanding Specialists, Peak Performers, and Affiliates that exceeded the JAG National Program Standards.

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