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We seek partnerships with companies, industries, and funders equally passionate about youth development and creating spaces where inclusion, belonging, diversity, and well-being flourish. Tap into a work-ready talent pool as a corporate partner, or amplify your impact as a foundation or government agency.

There are many ways to engage with our learners and be part of JAG’s most inspiring stories!


Premier Partners


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When we say thanks a million to Boeing, we mean it literally! Boeing has invested $1 million to support JAG’s Youth Opportunities and Outcomes 2024 Strategic Goals, which ensures a successful transition for students entering the workforce. During JAG’s 12-month follow-up phase, JAG Specialists support career pathways and opportunities for students transitioning into the workplace, post-secondary, or both, with roadmaps and benchmarks to guide the way.

We are grateful for Boeing’s ongoing partnership and support. Thank you for powering the JAG journey from the classroom to career success!


ADM, a global leader in agricultural origination and nutrition, has partnered with JAG to provide a significant contribution through ADM Cares and a wealth of agribusiness exposure for our students. The funds supported a wide range of key initiatives, including employer engagement with ADM employees across several JAG affiliates.

JAG is extremely grateful for ADM‘s contribution and is thrilled to be working together. Agriculture and its related industries provide 10.4 percent of U.S. employment. A special thank you to ADM board member Jennifer Weber, CHRO for all her support. Our students will be able to learn, grow, and lend their skills to an industry trailblazer!


Synchrony and the Synchrony Foundation have donated more than $1.5 million to JAG and its affiliates since 2015. The company is more than a financial partner. They proudly support JAG and its inspiring mission to equip students with skills to succeed in the workplace.

“JAG’s mission very much aligns with ours, and we’re honored to help grow the next generation of leaders,” says Synchrony Foundation President Denise Yap.

And there’s more! Synchrony’s generosity didn’t stop at financial contributions. In October, they hosted the JAG national staff at their annual retreat in Stamford, Conn., an epicenter of collaboration, innovation and good JAG vibes.

Janelle Duray, JAG national’s CEO, sings Synchrony’s praises, “Top-notch hospitality, staff to supercharge our efforts, and a stunning space at their corporate HQ. What more could we ask for?”

And if that wasn’t enough, DJ Casto, Synchrony’s chief human resources officer, sits on the JAG board and Executive Committee. Talk about a powerhouse partnership.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Synchrony and the Synchrony Foundation. Thanks to you, JAG is very much in synch with the needs of today’s youth!



“JAG can provide new opportunities and relevant industry-recognized certifications for students interested in pursuing in-demand tech careers.” – David Campbell, Director, Microsoft Leap

During the 2018-19 school year, JAG and Microsoft enhanced their partnership in alignment with Microsoft’s Skills and Employability initiative, empowering JAG students to gain expertise with critical platforms and business fundamentals. JAG students in Fresno and San Diego, CA, were offered industry-recognized Microsoft Certifications in Excel, Database concepts, and more. 

Microsoft’s partnership continues to support students in preparing for and securing the many certifications needed to be eligible for data analyst positions, which are among the most in-demand positions in tech.

JAG and Microsoft also collaborate on a summer program in partnership with local partners in Phoenix, AZ. In addition, JAG AZ has been working with local dropout prevention programs and Maricopa Community College to make online micro-credentialing courses available to all JAG students. 

United States Department of Labor

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Since 2008, AT&T and the AT&T Foundation have provided over $13 million in funding to JAG and its local affiliates. New JAG programs funded by AT&T incentive grants benefit thousands of youth and allow JAG to expand and serve more young people in need. 

AT&T’s grant also supports local mentoring events between JAG students and AT&T employees through AT&T’s Aspire program. AT&T, the National Retail Federation Foundation, and JAG teamed up to offer the NRF Foundation’s Retail Industry Fundamentals Credential to over 100 JAG students in 7 Aspire communities. The industry-recognized credential prepares students for customer service roles in AT&T retail stores.

Nicole Perry, Specialist, Morgan County High School, West Liberty, KY, expresses our appreciation for AT&T’s valued partnership: “My students have had so many positive experiences with employers, the community, and within the classroom, and I’m incredibly proud of their successes. I’m also extremely grateful to AT&T for their generous grant to help sustain our local program.”


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