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We’ve made it happen for 1.7 million youth nationwide.

Poverty, mental health, unhoused living – today’s youth face tremendous barriers to success. In addition, 80% of students feel that high school doesn’t prepare them to join the workforce – and 77% of employers agree. JAG is a national, non-profit organization that empowers our youth with the skills and support to succeed in education, employment, and life.

Our nation’s youth face a genuine crisis

Did you realize that youth suicide rates have doubled in the last decade?

Or that today’s high-school graduates are 3X more likely to live in poverty?

JAG mentoring, education, and skills training turn challenges like these into the chance to thrive for thousands of young people each year.

Serving 79,000+ youth in 1,558 locations in 37 states…

but the need grows

JAG has grown substantially since its inception in 1980, yet schools are on a waiting list for our programs.

Donations and support from individuals, investors, and partners help us provide JAG programs without delay and expand our services to youth everywhere we are needed: in cities, rural communities, and beyond.

The JAG Advantage

is the only all-inclusive program of its kind – and boasts a 96% graduation rate!

Established in 1980, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) provides elective classes for credit taught by Specialists in high schools, middle schools, and after-school programs. Students acquire vital job skills, get hands-on experience, and receive a year of post-grad support, nurturing students through as they transition into career and post-secondary education.

More than 40 years of data prove JAG works. Today, our students are achieving the best outcomes in JAG’s history.

Why is the JAG Advantageso unique? Trauma-informed care merges with education, employability skills and experience to empower students.

The result is a clear advantage: JAG students not only overcome adversity, they thrive – in school, work, and life.

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More than 1300 local programs support youth across America.

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In Omaha, UMÓⁿHOⁿ Nation students partnered with JAG to build an 11,000-square-foot community garden, developing agribusiness skills and harvesting health benefits for generations. In Delaware, Seth Kenner, Parliamentarian of JAG’s youth-led JAG Career Association (JAGCA), shares his passion for leadership, love for JAG, and advocacy for supporting youth mental health.

Journey with JAG students nationwide as they share their stories of resilience, growth, and achievement.

Partner With JAG: It’s to Your Advantage, Too!

As a national 501(c)3 non-profit, JAG is funded and fueled by partners who believe in doing meaningful work. From sponsoring national events to supporting our learning programs, partners engage with a broad, bright sphere of young talent when they partner with JAG.

Changing the lives of today’s youth can be a game-changer for companies, foundations and government agency partners:

Corporate partners tap into a diverse, work-ready talent pool, building an inspiring culture and boosting brand positivity.

We amplify the impact of foundations and agencies with a 360 network of partnerships and resources.

News & Stories

JAG Michigan

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates celebrates first launch with Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Southwest Michigan formally inducted some of its local students into the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates program during a launch celebration Tuesday.

Dubuque Hempstead students earn 3rd place in national iJAG competition

A trio of Dubuque Hempstead students recently were named national finalists in a competition through a career development program that asked them to find solutions for an inequity in their community.

JNCG cuts ribbon on new site at Asheboro High School

Communities In Schools’ “Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates” program now has a new site at Asheboro High School, thanks to generous support from Toyota.