Across the nation, government agencies are equipping young people with the skills to succeed while providing their constituents with a measurable and powerful solution to labor shortages and skills gaps. Through Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), you can ensure that young people are workforce-ready and equipped with the skills, resources, and support they need to succeed.

 A highly skilled and competitive workforce is critical for attracting businesses, creating jobs, and driving economic prosperity.

Imagine the ability to create a self-sustaining pipeline of qualified applicants, boosting growth and workforce inclusivity – all data-proven to demonstrate ROI for constituents.

This is the power of JAG partnership. Join us in enriching communities, states, and our nation, one student at a time.

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JAG is the youth development leader for proven ROI, scaling your impact and reducing the high cost of dropouts.

JAG is data-proven to deliver ROI

  • Improved grad rates = more extensive tax base
  • Student retention = retained/increased per pupil funding
  • Sustainable careers = more extensive tax base and vibrant communities/economies
  • Compared to other state programs, our cost per participant is $X.XX
  • Performance data and quality measures demonstrate the effective use of public funds
JAG Briefing

We’re the non-partisan partner you need to scale your resources and impact.  

JAG understands that collaborating with like-minded partners is the key to moving the needle. We offer opportunities for community engagement and collaboration, allowing you to work closely with local schools, businesses, and organizations to support youth employment initiatives in your area. With a community-based approach that works at scale, you can expand your initiatives with ongoing momentum.

Reduce the high cost of high school dropouts – $20 billion annually

The need to support high school students is real – and growing. U.S. dropout rates have increased by 10-18% over the last two decades, severely impacting our society and economy.

  • Half of Americans on public assistance are high school dropouts.
  • Dropouts earn $10,000 less than high school grads and more than $36,000 less than those with a bachelor’s degree
  • Earn $260,000 less than peers who earn a diploma
  • The unemployment rate is generally 4 percent higher
  • High unemployment rate = less tax revenue

JAG boasts a 96% graduation rate. We are proven to help students overcome severe obstacles and graduate high school with the Advantage™: the soft skills, leadership strengths, and work-ready capabilities to stand out in the workforce and thrive.

Did you know?

Government leaders created JAG as a solution to a state in crisis.

Governor Pete du Pont founded JAG when Delaware had the second-highest unemployment rate for young people and the second-highest dropout rate in the nation. His sought a solution that was “far more effective, far more accountable, and far more cost-effective for the most challenged young people in our state.” The result was the first JAG program, benefitting 100,000 Delaware youth

These core principles guide JAG today – serving 79,000 youth in 1,558 locations in 36 states annually.

Our History