Brianna Morse

Director of Youth Initiatives of JAG Indiana

Board Member: State Affiliate Representatives​

Brianna Morse has served as a youth development professional for 17 years, when she began her career at the  Department of Workforce Development and she now serves  as DWD’s Director of Youth Initiatives and Field Support.   During her tenure at DWD, she has assisted with the  Governor’s Hoosier Youth Conservation Corps, Jobs for  America’s Graduates program, out-of-school youth services  and the Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate.  Brianna also worked at REACH,  Inc., a DWD provider and the Commission for Higher Education, providing  outreach for the 21st Century Scholars program.  Brianna’s education  includes a degree in Communication from Purdue University and MS from the University of Indianapolis, where she studied Leadership and Organizational Design.