Dan Davis

Founder and Leader of Southern Research Group (SRG)

Board Member: Corporate

Dan Davis is an accomplished executive who has not only excelled in the world of business but has also dedicated a significant part of his life to education and philanthropy. He is the founder and leader of Southern Research Group (SRG), a full-service political/business consulting, public relations, and marketing research firm that he has successfully led since its inception in 1985. While Dan’s professional career has spanned more than three decades, his passion for education and philanthropy has equally shaped his legacy.

Dan’s commitment to education is evident in his substantial contributions to scholarship funds, where he has donated millions to help aspiring students achieve their academic goals. Notably, he made a remarkable $1 million donation to Neshoba County Public Schools, demonstrating his dedication to enhancing educational opportunities in the local community.

Furthermore, Dan’s philanthropic efforts extend far beyond geographical boundaries. He has personally ensured that over 25,000 youth in Africa, spanning seven different countries, have access to essential nourishment and support. His unwavering dedication to alleviating hunger and empowering young individuals in underserved communities highlights his global perspective and compassion for those less fortunate.

In addition to his scholarship and hunger relief initiatives, Dan Davis is a staunch supporter of multiple schools in Africa, where he continues to champion educational programs and infrastructure development. His commitment to improving educational opportunities in the African continent underscores his belief in the transformative power of knowledge and the importance of giving back to society on a global scale.

While his philanthropic endeavors are noteworthy, Dan’s professional achievements are equally impressive. He has amassed extensive experience in comprehensive consultative research and marketing solutions, particularly in the realm of health-related research, not only in Mississippi but also in various other states. With a track record of four national advertising awards, editorial features, and contributions to trade publications, Dan is known for his exceptional business development and organizational improvement skills.

His expertise extends to quantitative and qualitative research, having conducted over 5,000 marketing and political studies for clients across the United States, the European Union, Mexico, and portions of Southeast Asia. Dan has also been at the forefront of political issue campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies, involving both elections and legislative actions. He serves as a strategist and advocate for Native American Tribes across the United States and is a global consultant for the gaming industry, with extensive experience working with 13 of the 15 largest gaming companies in the world.

Dan Davis is a visionary leader with the ability to turn his dreams and those of his clients into reality. His vast experience spans diverse industries, including healthcare, banking, retail, restaurants, gaming, technology, utilities, and communications. His profound impact on education and philanthropy, coupled with his outstanding professional achievements, make him an exemplary individual who continues to shape positive change both locally and globally.