JAGCA Election Process

National Career Development Conference
April 18-20, 2024 | St. Louis, Missouri

Each year, the National Career Association selects four student members to represent the organization as a national NCA officer. The primary responsibility of a national officer is to serve the organization in local, state, and national activities in a way that will inform, motivate and inspire NCA members, Specialists, JAG staff, and others to achieve the mission and core values of the organization. National NCA Candidates are interviewed and slated by the NCA Nominating Committee and voted on by the NCA Voting Delegate Assembly at the National Career Development Conference.

National Officer Candidates

It takes a highly motivated person to become a successful national NCA officer—an opportunity afforded to few members. If you want to be a national officer, take time now to learn about your passions and gain a better understanding of what life as a national officer is really like. A life of glamour and glory—maybe, but the truth is that as a national officer, your life is non-stop hard work and continual commitments.

Each state may declare two candidates for national NCA office annually. National officer candidates must be active NCA members, and must retain active membership through their term of office. State Affiliates must nominate and approve all national officer candidates from their state application process. 

Nominating Committee

Keeping with the traditions of a student-run organization, a committee of NCA members is selected to carry out the responsibility of interviewing and slating the national officer candidates. Being a part of this unique group requires a sense of commitment to the betterment of the organization and a heart for service. Any active NCA member is eligible to serve on the committee.

Voting Delegate Assembly

The duties of the Voting Delegate Assembly are of utmost importance to the operation of a functioning student organization. The NCA is student-led; therefore, students are responsible for the governing of the affairs associated with the organization.  
Voting Delegate duties are to:  
  • Review and act upon the business of the organization 
  • Approve the Nominating Committee’s Report   
  • Elect the National Officers
  • Represent their State Affiliate
Voting Delegate Eligibility
Each State Affiliate may select two individuals to serve as Voting Delegates at the NCDC.  Voting Delegates are ineligible to compete in competitive events at the NCDC but they CAN participate in recognition events (National Service Project and Outstanding NCA Chapter) as well as all other conference activities. 
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