We're so glad to see you here. As a JAG grad, you're a tremendous inspiration to our students. As they look to the future, you are their hopes made real, and we'd love for you to share your story. How has JAG helped pave the way? Please tell us how you're doing, and let's stay connected!

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Inspiring Alumni: Dr. Skylar Mayberry-Mayes

Forbes® Under 30 Scholar, the Obama Foundation and Presidential Volunteer Service Award winner.

“I associate iJAG with my professional interests in business and education. They encouraged me to attend college and recognize the importance of education and how it could propel my future.”

Give Back – and Pay it Forward

JAG grads know how important it is to support our nation’s youth. That’s why so many alumni, parents and friends choose to give back to JAG. No matter the size, every gift makes an impact!