American Graduate Day – Louisiana JAG

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9/27/2014 American Graduate Day:

Alex Curtis entered the Fontainebleau High School Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) program as a second year freshman with a history of insubordination and low grades. Part way through his second year, Jeffery Boren, Alex’s JAG specialist, started thinking about removing him from the program due to a strong lack of respect for Mr. Boren, JAG students and the JAG program in general. Mr. Boren says, “I felt like I would regret the decision to cut him and I felt like I would regret the decision to keep him.” 

Alex continued to spend time in the disciplinarian's office, but he passed enough classes to have a chance to graduate in four years if his senior year became productive. He had to pass 9 classes in one year when he had never passed 7. Mr. Boren says, “He still had a chip on his shoulder but managed to reach the point where he saw the finish line was actually reachable.” That year, he attended the JAG Career Development Conference (CDC) where he led his CDC group to winning the chant contest and received outstanding CDC leadership recognition. With the support of JAG, Alex ultimately managed to pass all 9 classes and graduate from high school in his fourth year, on time. 

Alex currently works on an offshore oil rig. Mr. Boren says, “At the beginning of this school year, he contacted me to talk about being involved in this year's JAG program, claiming it was the program that turned him around. At that lunch meeting, Alex made a sizable financial donation to the JAG program and agreed to be the keynote speaker for our annual Installation Ceremony.” 

Thanks to Alex, Jeffery and the Jobs for America’s Graduates Louisiana program for “making it happen!”