NCA Business Session

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National Career Development Conference
May 5-7, 2022 | Dallas, Texas

The Annual Business Session of the NCA is held in conjunction with the National CDC each year.  During this session, the annual business of the organization is addressed including the election of four National Student Officers and the selection of the NCA Service Project.

Voting Delegate Packet

National Officer Candidate Packet

Voting Delegate Packets are coming soon!

Schedule of Events

For National Officer Candidates & Voting Delegates

Wednesday, May 4
1 PM – 2 PM           National Officer Candidate Exam
4 PM – 6 PM          National Officer Candidate Interviews
6 PM – 8 PM          Nominating Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 5
2 PM – 4 PM          Voting Delegate Orientation

Friday, May 6
3 PM – 6 PM          NCA Business Session

Voting Delegates

Congratulations on your selection as an NCA Voting Delegate. This select group of individuals has a very important role in guiding the National Career Association into the future. Please take full advantage of this opportunity to be a part of NCA history!

Duties of the Voting DelegateThe duties of the Voting Delegates are of utmost importance to the operation of a functioning student organization. NCA is student-led; therefore, students are responsible for the governing of the affairs associated with the organization.   Voting Delegate duties are to:  

    • Read the Voting Delegate Packet prior to the NCDC
    • Attend the Voting Delegate Orientation at the NCDC
    • Review and act upon the  business of the organization as presented at the Business Session
    • Enact proposed changes to the NCA Bylaws      
    • Approve the Nominating Committee’s Report   
    • Elect the NCA National Officers
    • Represent their state affiliate

If you are interested in serving as a Voting Delegate please contact your CSA Representative for more information.

Voting Delegate Eligibility

  • Each state affiliate is allowed two Voting Delegates. 
  • Voting Delegates will be ineligible to participate in competitive events at the NCDC but they CAN participate in the Chapter Recognition Events (NCA Outstanding Chapter & NCA Service Project). 
  • Voting Delegates cannot run for a national officer position or serve on the Nominating Committee

National Officer Candidates

The NCA National Officer Team provides guidance, leadership, and motivation to all NCA Members in addition to serving as ambassadors to the student-led organization, and representing the views of all members.  

Additional information about NCA Elected Officers is specified in the NCA Bylaws in Article IV, Section IV, and in the NCA Policies and Procedures section I.D.

National Officer Positions

  • National President
  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Parliamentarian

Qualifications for National Office

  • Must be an NCA Member
  • State Affiliates shall submit no more than two candidates for national office
  • Must be recommended by the NCA Chapter Advisor (Specialist) and endorsed by the NCA State Advisor

National Officer Candidate Requirements
The following information must be submitted prior to the National CDC to the NCA National Headquarters.

  • A nomination form with a record of local and state NCA offices held
  • A verified statement of academic performance for the current membership year
  • A statement of support and signature of the school principal/CTE Director; the local Chapter Advisor/Specialist; the NCA State Advisor/CSA; and parent/guardian unless the applicant is 18 years or older
  • Must participate in the Nominative Committee Process and pass the NCA Officer Candidate Exam 
  • Participate in the Voting Delegate Orientation and deliver a candidate speech at the NCA Annual Business Session