Cory Buckley

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Cory Buckley is a student who will not soon be forgotten.  His ability to communicate with others, overcome obstacles and perform at a very high level makes him an ideal student, employee and person.  Cory has been involved in Jobs for Montana’s Graduates (JMG) where his Specialist, Yenta Jaques, was able to watch him channel his many talents into a successful leadership role.  Cory experienced turmoil as a teen when he was forced into an adult role.  The pressure of this experience resulted in Cory turning to drugs and alcohol as a release and he quickly developed an addiction.  Due to Cory’s hard work, the support of his grandparents, and completing two treatment programs, Cory has his life on track.  He has all of the skills necessary to accomplish his goals and more.

Cory demonstrated his leadership, civic, social and career skills through many valuable experiences this year.  Cory is well spoken and well written and used those skills to apply for and receive scholarships, speak to the Montana Legislature Appropriations Committee to request funding for JMG, serve as the emcee at the 2013 JMG Career Development Conference, and win second place in public speaking at that conference. 

Despite a busy schedule with work and school, Cory consistently donated his free time to JMG events including selling concessions, donating bloods, serving at Rescue Mission events, and serving on the Graduation Matters Boards at the local and state level.  Cory worked hard this year to prepare for college by attending orientation at MSU-Northern in Havre, completing the ASE Auto course offered at Paris, and researching his career to develop a first place winning career portfolio at the Career Development Conference.  Cory and another student also went on to win the 2013 State Ford AAA Auto Skills Championship. They will advance to the National Contest in Dearborn, Michigan June 9-12. Each student won a $36,000 scholarship from Snap On Tools. If they are successful at Nationals, they will receive more scholarships, tools and get to spend a week with a Nascar Race Team preparing and racing at an International Speedway. Not only did Cory and his partner debug the nine mechanical and electrical issues in the car, but they were also awarded the state trophy for the highest written test scores in the state of Montana.

Cory quickly stepped into a leadership role in our class and school.  Our class consistently leaned on Cory for his ability to lead his peers, organize a project, and get work done.  He is able to take care of business in all areas and advocate for himself.  He is extremely responsible and was a well deserving recipient of the Kenneth M. Smith Scholarship as well as the Chairman’s Recognition Award.  Additionally, Cory is appreciative for all that he has and is quick to applaud others who’ve helped him along that way.  The reality is that Cory, when provided the opportunity, took advantage and excelled.  Those involved in JMG at Paris Gibson Education Center were just lucky enough to be a small part of his journey.