Delaware Hayes Seniors take Advantage of AT&T Exploratory Opportunities

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Seniors to the AT&T job shadowing event in Columbus, Ohio.   The AT&T Job Shadowing program is a landmark commitment from AT&T to engage and inspire students to succeed in school, leading to success in careers and in life.  AT&T employees provide students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to experience the world of work first-hand, matching employee volunteers with high school students to showcase the careers and culture of AT&T. Students are invited to the workplace to view first-hand how important knowledge, learning critical thinking skills and knowing how to interact in a business environment with others are to their future.  The seniors toured the AT&T facility, which allowed them in secure areas that most people will never be able to see.

The Franklin County Treasurer’s Office came in and had the students participated in a personal budget project.  The budget exercise assigned each student an identity. He/she then proceeded through a number of steps that happen in life creating challenges for their monthly assigned budget amount. Students had to pay rent, utilities, unexpected expenses and how appropriate on April 15th but to pay taxes. At the end of the exercise, each participant ended their month in the black or in the red. It was an eye opening experience for everyone to see how demanding it is to live within a budget and the importance of an education to create earning power.

Pizza was a big hit and everyone enjoyed interacting with representatives of those hosting lunch. 

The tour concluded with a fun-filled "Quiz Bowl" event. The seniors enjoyed themselves and AT&T did a great job of conducting a lively competition.   The "Quiz Bowl" event separated students into two groups to compete against each other. Questions were asked of each group about communication services. i.e., “When was the first phone used?;  “When was the first cell phone used?”  “How many texts does AT&T process every year?”  Students loved the Quiz Bowl and competed fiercely! Points were given for each correct answer and a winning team was decided.

Delaware Hayes High School was very proud of how the seniors represented themselves, the school and Jobs for America's Graduates.  And, everyone was most appreciative of the investment of time committed by AT&T and its employees involved in the tour as well as the Franklin County Treasurer’s Office.  A good day for seniors preparing to be career and college ready!

Submitted by:  Ron Rider, Program Manager, JAG Ohio, Delaware Hayes High School, Delaware, OH