James Wall

James tells stories that matter… to the stakeholders who matter most. From nonprofits and fledgling start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, James has shaped key messages and boosted brand credibility by illuminating and promoting the brand promises of his clients’ flagship offerings.

A native of the UK, James moved to the US (Colorado) in the late 1990s. There he initially worked as a lawyer before switching to communications. His mentor was the esteemed New York press agent Gerry Freeman, who moved to Denver in the 1980s. James quickly became Gerry’s business partner and, when Gerry retired, acquired the firm from him. James operated the firm, Agency 33, for many years before being recruited to head marketing and communications at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business in 2015. In 2017, James moved to Washington, DC, to open an office for a digital agency, PIN Business Network.

Gaining a reputation as a media relations specialist, James knows what it takes to get the coverage his clients’ want and deflect the kind they don’t. He has media-trained public company CEOs, flown to Jamaica on 24-hours’ notice to deal with the BBC camped on a client’s doorstep, held press conferences on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and yes, even outfoxed Fox News.

A licensed attorney and an entrepreneur, James is known for his creativity, marketing insight, and, as one client put it, an “exceptional capacity to see the big picture.” Most importantly, he’s a trusted ally, ready to jump into the trenches to win his clients’ and colleagues’ biggest communications battles. He now serves as VP of communications and marketing for Jobs for America’s Graduates, a national nonprofit.