Graduation Matters

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Every JAG program comes up with events that fit their community and their individual programs. In most cases the JAG students participate in mentoring activities. Some partner with pre-school or elementary school classes. Younger children always think their older peers are “cool”. They look up to them. In the small town of Hot Springs, Montana the JAG program hosted the inaugural event in what they hope will become an annual tradition.

In an effort to motivate those younger than themselves to graduate from high school the juniors and seniors in the Hot Springs JAG class hosted an event called Graduation Matters on February 3, 2014. The JAG students set up stations in the gymnasium and after each student had proclaimed their future plans post high school during an assembly, they manned the stations and their younger peers visited each station and participated in graduation-themed activities and games.

Superintendent of Schools, Ken Meredith was pleased with the outcome of the Graduation Matters event. “They really enjoyed it. In a small school it is pretty common place to see them mixed together. [The upperclassmen] know the younger students on a first name basis and there is a closeness,” Meredith said.

The Hot Springs JAG students are hoping to make the event an annual occurrence.