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Headrush Learning, an innovative online learning experience platform, is provided by JAG National at no charge to affiliates. This platform offers a comprehensive array of resources, tools, and content to support students and staff.

Headrush is a versatile platform, offering many use cases for specialists and staff to integrate into their programs to improve efficiency and communication across teams. There are various ways you can use the platform:

  1. Curriculum Resources: Specialists can utilize Headrush to organize and deliver projects for classroom instruction, projecting the modules from their computer or assigning individual accounts for each student. The roadmap for the JAG competencies is there, enabling students to add their voices and choices to make each experience their own!
  2. Project Management: Specialists can use the Kanban-style project management board to put their week, month, and year at their fingertips! The platform’s project management tools help map your year and manage multiple projects.
  3. Career Association Management: Do you need help communicating Career Association meeting notes from class to class? Use Headrush as the communication tool to keep CA Members informed and engaged about what is happening across all classrooms. Check out this Plan of Work Module to plan out the year! 
  4. Event Management: Manage your statewide events, judging, and student submissions.


For Students, Headrush is the central hub for all things related to the JAG Career Association (JAGCA). Here, students can directly connect with national officers, gaining insights into leadership and national initiatives. Through Headrush, students in local and State Career Association chapters could work through the Program of Work (POW) Module, engage with the national officers through discussion, view the monthly live Zoom events calendar, and check out the national officer updates on ongoing projects and initiatives all in one place!

This month, the national officers will travel to Kansas City, MO, for extensive training on Headrush. 

This training will equip them to effectively use the platform for student engagement in the upcoming school year. Beginning this fall, the national officers will use Headrush to share news, host discussions, and share their journeys, further enriching the student experience. These interactions give students unique opportunities to learn from their peers, gain inspiration, and actively participate in the broader JAG community.

Students can participate in JAG National Challenges through Headrush. 

These challenges allow students to win money and prizes through monthly National Challenge competitions. Students are encouraged to learn about issues from local to global scales, engage in critical dialogue, identify innovative solutions, and take action as change-makers for a better world. Partnerships with industry leaders enhance these challenges, deepening students’ global understanding and workforce knowledge.


Specialists can learn more about Headrush via the JAG Genius or directly on the platform. 

Completing the tutorials and training is essential for preparing Specialists to onboard students when the new school year begins. Headrush also provides comprehensive management of state initiatives, including staff professional development and team communications.

To activate your Headrush specialist or manager account, visit jag.headrushapp.com and click “Request one here.” 

Fill in the form, and you will receive your account information and login credentials within 24 hours. Students will be added to Headrush by their Specialists.

Specialists and staff needing support can email Natalie.toney@jag.org. For JAG-U questions or Headrush training needs, contact Nick Martino at nick.martino@jag.org. For questions about the Headrush learner experience, curriculum, or implementation, contact Breanna Morsadi at breanna.morsadi@jag.org.

Embrace the full potential of Headrush to enhance learning and engagement within the JAG community!