Helena High School students celebrated the spooky holiday by raising money for a student with cancer.

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Claire Stone has been battling cancer for a year and a half.  Today her classmates suited up in their Halloween costumes for a fundraiser to help cover the cost of her medical expenses, something she didn’t even know was being planned till she saw the signs for the event decking the halls of Helena High.

Claire: "I was very emotional. I was so happy that people are like having fun for Halloween but also helping me."

Students and faculty alike went all out of the event. The halls were filled with kids dressed up.

And the office was lined up with people making donations, all for their friend Claire.

Jesse Seliskar: "We love her and she loves us. There you go. We give her love and she gives us love back."

Cassidy Maddio: "I've known Claire for so long and we just want to help her fight her battle and show her that we support her.”

Teachers say seeing the students unit to help their friend is touching.

Don Proreba: "I think it's great. I think it's one of the best things about being at Helena High."

Organizer of Costumes for Claire, Lisa Parker, says the fundraising for Claire won't stop here.

"We have planned events all year so we're going to care for Claire all year."

Claire says the way the school has rallied for her while she faces this challenge shows how much they actually care.

“It makes me feel very loved all around and it means a lot to me."

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