JAG College and Career Planning System Launched Nationwide

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Phil Harrington, President of Kuder, Inc., announced the five state, 24 program pilot-test was a complete success and that Kuder secured the feedback from JAG Specialists and students to better integrate the Kuder© Navigator System into JAG classrooms across the nation. We wish to extend special thanks to the JAG state organizations and local program Specialists for participating in the pilot and providing such important feedback as we prepare to launch the JAG College and Career Planning System, powered by Kuder, in over 800 JAG Model programs.

To accelerate the launch of the Kuder system in middle and high schools, states were asked to respond to a brief survey and provide contact information for those who will manage and use the Navigator© system in JAG Model classrooms. Navigator is a powerful tool that will be totally integrated into the JAG curriculum as a means of enhancing Specialists’ ability to prepare graduates who are college and career ready. The Kuder system combined with the JAG Model will result in higher performance outcomes for JAG graduates during the 12-month follow-up period.

There are several benefits for implementing the JAG College and Career Planning System:

  1. The system provides JAG students and graduates with a set of tools that can be used for a lifetime of education and career planning.
  2. Students may log into the system to take assessments, explore occupations, search for higher education and financial aid options, and prepare for the job search. 
  3. JAG students will make better informed career decisions for a lifetime.
  4. Kuder provides the system and its comprehensive resources free of charge to JAG Model programs.
  5. Students applying for a job can send the Kuder developed resume to potential employers electronically or printed off in a format that meets the employer’s needs.
  6. The sample job application may be completed online, saved and printed to help students prepare in advance for when they are asked to complete a real application at a job interview.
  7. The system will collect all information available to complete an electronic version of the student’s Individual Development Plan utilized with the JAG curriculum.
  8. Navigator provides for the identification of barriers to academic, college and career success and a tracking capability to record the elimination of the appropriate barriers.
  9. The Administrative Database Management System provides reports that can aggregate data for a single student, a program’s roster, a state’s enrollment, or for the national organization. Coupling e-NDMS with the Kuder Administrative Database Management System provides decision-makers with two powerful tools to track students served, services delivered and outcomes achieved.
  10. Graduates may access Kuder resources for a lifetime. For information about the JAG College and Planning System, contact jag@jag.org and the appropriate person will be in contact.

A Kuder representative will be in contact but not until the information requested by Kuder is submitted to JAG.  The information includes Levels 1, 2 and 3 access structure to the administrative database plus the directory of Levels 1, 2, and 3 users of Kuder Navigator.