JAG Interns Step Up “What’s Inside IT?” at Albuquerque Career Fair

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Annually, the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (NMDWS) hires interns from Albuquerque’s Rio Grande High School JAG program.  This year 2 interns, Michael Figueroa and Alex Gonzalez, had the opportunity to extend their internships with the NMDWS Workforce Technology Division (WTD) through December.  As a part of their internship they participated in a presentation at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico (BBBS-CNM) annual STEM Discovery Festival in November.  The fair hosted thousands of K-12 students from all over New Mexico that came to learn about STEM related careers.

Both interns were tasked to work with WTD staff to create a mini network that demonstrated both front end and back end components of a new NMDWS online financial budgeting tool that Figueroa helped create over the summer as a part of his internship.  The new website titled “Why I Work” (www.dws.state.nm.us/whyiwork), helps users, specifically New Mexico’s youth, understand the basics of budgeting and educates them on realistic income expectations as they undertake the task of exploring career options and planning the future. 

Both Alex and Michael worked all day explaining and demonstrating to festival participants how the network communicated to provide functionality for the new website through the use of code and a SQL database.  They also worked together to create a visual display with a diagram of how the mini-network worked, as well as a list of jobs/occupations that exist in NM state government tied to the field of Information Technology.  The fair served as a great opportunity for the interns to show off what they are learning in their internship and understand the importance of career experiences as they continue to develop their own pathways.