JAG-Nevada Students visit Tesla Gigafactory

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JAG Nevada students from Washoe County traveled to the Tesla Gigafactory in April 14, 2017 to learn more about advanced Manufacturing jobs.  The Tesla Gigafactory will be employing 6,500 employees with jobs starting at $22.79 per hour and ranging to over forty dollars per hour.  Engineers, materials handlers, technicians and managers and many other positions must be filled as the Gigafactory becomes the premier site for the production of Tesla’s advanced lithium ion batteries for cars, cars and Powerwall home power units, and JAG Nevada is making sure that its students can tap in to the opportunities offered at the Gigafactory.

Measuring in at 5.5 million square feet, the Gigafactory will be the largest building in the world when completed.  The Gigafactory will produce lithium ion batteries to scale in order to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.  For JAG Nevada students, Tesla provides an opportunity to find well-paying career-paths with a good future.  JAG Nevada has partnered with Tesla to inform students about the opportunities offered through the Gigafactory, and is helping students navigate pathways to those careers via community college training and/or direct employment.

While Tesla represents the technology of the future, JAG Nevada students represent Nevada’s well-trained and work-ready workforce of the future.