Jobs for America’s Graduates National Network achieved, once again, some of the best results in our history for the Class of 2021

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Alexandria, VA–Jun. 13, 2022—Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) today announced the placement data for the JAG Class of 2021. The Jobs for America’s Graduates National Network achieved, once again, some of the best results in our 41-year history. The data showcases the truly extraordinary work of the frontline staff through JAG’s history and JAG’s commitment to serving young people.

“In a time of deep learning loss and serious student disengagement, combined with sharply increasing violence around and in the schools, and a growing range of severe mental health challenges for too many young people and their families, the results of` the exceptional work of our team across 39 states and 1,346 communities are nothing short of dramatic.” Ken Smith, President and CEO, Jobs for America’s Graduates.

The overall results for all JAG graduates and demographic subsets of data including for youth of color, gender, and students with disability, as well as a comparison of those results to the broad range of 18–19-year-olds.

  • Class of 2021 graduation rate of just under 96% – only a point below the Class of 2020.
  • Jobs rate of nearly 65%, compared to 64% last year.
  • Full-time Positive Outcome rate (combination of work and post-secondary education) up from last year to 78% compared to 76% – again.
  • Full-time jobs rate of nearly 83% compared to 82% last year.
  • JAG boosted our post-secondary education rate from 40.5% for the Class of 2020 to a remarkable 46.55% for the Class of 2021 – one of the highest post-secondary enrollment rates in our history. For reference, the national enrollment rates are down 10–15% for the second year in a row while ours was up by nearly 15%.
  • Unemployment rate for our young people was just over 6.25% while the rate for all 18–19-year-olds was 10.4% – about 40% lower.

JAG as an organization achieved our highest National Performance Award, the “5-of-5,” in addition to many of our states. As approved in our Youth Opportunities and Outcomes Strategic Goals, we plan to phase in a sixth standard as approved by our State Affiliates – a Connectivity Rate of 95%+ – meaning at the end of the 12-month follow-up period, JAG Specialists are connected to 95% or more of their JAG graduates.

View all the results here.

ABOUT JAG — The JAG National Network has a footprint across 1,346 communities in 39 states and impacts more than 68,000 youth annually. JAG graduates consistently achieve outstanding results, including a 95.85% graduation rate. JAG graduates are 230% more likely to be employed full-time compared to their peers, and twice as likely to go to college. For more information, visit