JAG-South Carolina Grad Working to Complete Welding Certification

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Briceton Howell is a 2017 Westside High School JAG graduate, located in Anderson, South Carolina.  Briceton has been a member of JAG since its charter year at Westside High School in 2014. 

Briceton experienced a troubled childhood.  His mother was never a stable support system in his life.  His mom left the family when Briceton was in the seventh grade and he then moved in with his grandparents.  Throughout his childhood, he moved a total of 14 times and attended three different school districts. 

Upon his high school graduation, Briceton had a clear plan of what he wanted to accomplish in his life.  Briceton’s career goal was to become a certified welder.  Mr. Dale Norris, founder of Norris Mechanical Welding School in Anderson, South Carolina, was a class guest speaker and shared with the students about the training and certifications offered at his school.  Briceton instantly knew this was the school for him.  That said, the Norris Mechanical Welding School is extremely expensive.  With the help of his Job Specialist, Melody Lollis, they began to actively search for funding sources to assist Briceton in paying for his training.  Mrs. Lollis was able to connect Briceton with Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM), an organization that meets the needs of struggling individuals and families in Anderson County.  Anderson Interfaith Ministries’ Employment Pathway Program cultivates individual strengths and removes barriers to employment.  With Briceton’s participation in the AIM Program, he is receiving all of his training and certifications at Norriss Mechanical Welding School at no cost.  He also receives a $60 gas card each month to help with his commute expenses.  Briceton has completed a total of 147 training hours and has currently earned the stick, MIGS, and vgroove plate certifications.  He is currently working to complete the TIG welding certification.  When Briceton completes all welding certifications, he will have the potential to earn $15-$45 per hour. 

Congratulations to his Specialist, Melody Lollis, for helping Briceton overcome barrier after barrier and stay focused on his career goal—becoming a certified welder.  Best wishes in completing all welding certifications and earning the top wages for a certified welder and, more importantly, pursuing your career goal with the help of your Job Specialist and a community-based organization that invests in young people just like Jobs for America’s Graduates.  For you, Briceton, and 62,255 JAG graduates and students, “the best is yet to be!”