JAG-South Carolina Students Receive Employment Opportunity through JC Penney’s Emerging Talent Leadership Program.

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Congratulations to Rock Hill High School students–Aleisha Erickerson, Dan­ielle Williams, Porscha Jackson, Demazia Crawford , Alexa Allen and Tyesha Judge for landing their first job with JC Penney in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

In preparation for the JC Penney hiring manager's class­room visit, students updated and prepared their resumes: practiced completing an application: identified the personal attributes and job skills that would contribute to their overall employability, and mapped their employability skills against the job description for the JC Penney Service Spe­cialist position. Students used their employability skills evidence sheet to develop an elevator speech in preparationfor the interview question, "Why Should I Hire You?" Students were then asked to research the company's web-site site in preparation for the employer's visit to learn as much about the company as possible.

Ms. Todd, requested before her visit for interested students 16 or older to complete an online application: and job assessment for consideration for hire.

Ms. Todd's visit was one that was filled with anticipation and excitement. The students that had applied for a position would find out if they would be invited for the next phase – the interview. This gave Ms. Todd an opportunity to form a first impression about the applicants based on their enthusiasm, attitude, participation and to see if they had done their home work in preparation for her visit. Her presentation started with the question, Who can tell me the history of JC Penney and JC Penney's founding philosophy? Proud to say a few of the students really did their homework. Ms. Todd, was very impressed.