Jobs for America’s Graduates Continues to Deliver on Most Aggressive Set of Strategic Goals in our History

The JAG Board of Directors approved our most aggressive set of strategic goals in our history Youth Opportunities and Outcomes 2024 (YOO24) 3-year strategic goals represents our most aggressive goals in our history and aims to create equitable opportunities for more young people at their time of greatest need, while providing an advantage for youth that results in increased stability, a deep sense of purpose and positive outcomes. 

These strategic goals are designed to take advantage of the enormous opportunity as employers urgently seek new workers for better jobs, new accelerated career pathways, and access to additional education and training. We intend to bring the opportunity for JAG programming to every possible young person in-need while continuing to raise the bar on quality services and outcomes to increase student success.

The JAG National Network wasted no time breaking ground and advancing huge initiatives In the first two quarters of our YOO24 work. In Q1, we shared with you details on our first annual National Career Development Conference where we elected our first slate of JAG National Career Association student officers in our history and the relaunch of the JAG University, our professional development courses tailored to all staff positions and expertise-levels across our JAG National Network.

We are excited to share even more progress in our 2022 Q2 update:

Invest In Our Network

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JAG is committed to support the growth of Specialists, managers, and national staff with people-focused investments leading to diverse talent recruitment, retention and upward mobility. In alignment with this priority, JAG hosted its 39th Annual National Training Seminar last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the most extensive professional development experience for the JAG National Network. Upwards 650 JAG Specialists, managers, trainers and administrators from across the United States have registered for the event.

This year’s theme was Game On: The Power of Winning Together. The JAG Model and the JAG Advantage it brings to youth are a winning combination, giving young people the power to compete and win in today’s workforce. After five days of NTS, JAG Specialists, Managers, and affiliate staff will have the knowledge, skills, and most importantly, actionable plans and toolkits to support JAG youth inthe ‘22-’23 school year! In addition, we will celebrate and recognize our “5-of-5” State Affiliates, Outstanding Specialists, High Performers, and Peak Performers throughout the week.

Increased Outcomes Through Enhanced Services

In 2021, JAG secured its first competitive Federal grant in its history from the U.S. Department of Labor grant. The $5M, 3-year Workforce Pathways for Youth grant will benefit over 2,000 youth and young adults during Out-of-School Time to prepare them for in-demand jobs, working with partners like Synchrony, Boeing, and Tesla. This month, five JAG Affiliates were announced as sub-grantees in Year 2: Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, New York, and Pennsylvania. These five states joined the five existing sub-grantees in serving youth who face significant challenges, helping them reach economic and academic success.

Serve More Young People

JAG is dedicated to increasing the number of youth served by JAG’s multiple Model Program Applications. Whether Middle School, Multi-Year, Senior, Alternative, and Out-of-School programs through in-person, hybrid or virtual service delivery, we set out to increase the average number of youth served per program to above 35. 

In alignment with this priority, JAG has expanded our partnerships with post-secondary institutions, including our transition to the SC Tech School System, putting into practice some of our key YOO24 initiatives like increasing certifications, credentials and dual enrollment. SCTCS President, Dr. Tim Hardee, spoke at the JAG Board of Directors meeting to highlight this innovative partnership that streamlines JAG program services in high school to post-secondary pathways that lead to promising careers. 

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Tell the JAG Story

JAG understands the importance of telling the JAG story through the JAG National Network, involving stakeholders in decision making through leadership platforms, advisory councils, and civic engagement. This includes emphasizing the youth voice, which must be heard at every level of the JAG organization, from the national to state and local levels. 

The National Training Seminar will serve as the kickoff for relaunching the “Faces of JAG” campaign on social media.  Assets will be provided to affiliates and email newsletters, amplifying JAG voices collectively across the country. In addition, JAG will ​launch new episodes of the student-focused podcast Start Here, Go Everywhere, sharing stories to inspire the youth of America and adults alike.

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