Jennings Senior High & College Prep Academy JAG

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JAG Jennings Senior High & College Prep Academy was the 2nd place winner of U.S. Green Schools Quest in April, 2017 and 1st place winner at the Missouri State CDC held May 1-2, 2017.

Jennings Senior High & College Prep Academy was one of forty-seven schools chosen to participate in the U.S. Green Schools Quest Project for Missouri. The Project Based Learning Project included planting trees and weatherizing classroom windows. JAG students kicked-off their participation in the Green Schools Quest Project by planting red burr, white burr and white oak trees around the front of the school with the support of the facilities department at St. Louis University.

Through investigation of what might make the school building more energy efficient, the JAG students continued work within this PBL to weatherize the windows in the classrooms. Jennings Senior High School was built in 1915, while there have been major improvements within the building, the windows have not been replaced for many years – many of them original. In our “quest” to embark on a sustainability project, students developed an action plan that included the what, when and how they were going to fix the problem and then researched the benefits of sealing air leaks from windows and the type of materials needed. Students performed all of the work themselves, and not only saved the school district money on labor, they will save on energy costs for years to come!

The project won 2nd place in the U.S. Green Schools Quest, students, JAG Specialist Dr. Theresa L. Badgett and Principal Rhonda Key were presented with a trophy, certificate and a cash award by U.S. Green Schools.  Students, Myrn Kimble, Laurence McGee and Kevon Larkin presented the PBL project at the Missouri CDC, winning 1st place.