Jobs for America’s Graduates Announces the Best Results in its History: 94% Graduation Rates and Doubling the Rate Disadvantaged Youth Secure Work

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Completing its 35th anniversary year of serving over one million of the nation’s most challenged and disadvantaged young people, Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) announces the results of its services to the JAG Class of 2015.  JAG provides a full 12 months of intensive support after graduation to help ensure a successful transition to work, college, or – for about half the students – both.

Four bipartisan Governors lead the JAG Board of Directors (two Democrats and two Republicans).  More Governors serve on the JAG Board than on any other non-profit board in the nation (11).  In addition, serving on the JAG Board are national leaders such as former Michigan Governor John Engler (President of the Business Roundtable), Stacey Stewart (U.S. President of the United Way Worldwide), Marc Morial (President of the National Urban League), and a dozen C-Suite executive of the Fortune 500.

The results for the 12 months of follow-up for the Class of 2015 across more than 1,000 classrooms in 32 states highlight the program’s ability to enhance the academic and economic outcomes for these challenged and disadvantaged youth:

·         Graduation Rate:  94%

·         Positive Outcomes Rate:  82% (work, college, or a combination)

·         Job Placement Rate:  61% (the highest in 20 years)

·         Full-time Jobs Rate:  73% (the highest in 20 years)

·         Full-time Placement Rate:  89% (The combination of work or college alone or together equal to a 40-hour weekly commitment of time)

·         Further Education Rate:  43%


Jobs for America's Graduates Board Chairman, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, commented on the new results:  “JAG convincingly demonstrates that we do know what it takes to help challenged youth succeed.  These results are why Governors, State Legislatures, school systems, and leaders of the private sector are so committed to the program.”

Reflecting the value that the business community has found in the employment preparation JAG students receive in the program, Governor Engler noted:  “It is a remarkable fact that 5,000 employers across the nation hire JAG every year.  They do so for the very best of business reasons.  JAG’s young people are great employees.  They come to work on time, are excited about their work, anxious to grow in their jobs, and are all about customer service to and the success of their employers.”

Stacey Stewart, the President of the United Way Worldwide, highlighted the “Collective Impacts” that JAG provides that also reflects the goals of the United Way:  “The success of these very disadvantaged young people  demonstrates that they are also young people of truly great promise.  They are successful not only because of the extraordinary effort the staff and schools make, but also because of the coalescing of the schools and community around the JAG organization to help these young people succeed. 

Jobs for America's Graduates offers Middle School, High School, and Out-of-School applications of the JAG Model, as well as alternative school settings serving high school dropouts and other disadvantaged populations.  Twenty-three State Legislatures invest in the program, as do dozens of other agencies, workforce boards, hundreds of schools, and a broad range of private sector contributors and leaders who have given of their time and financial resources. 

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Contact:  Janelle Duray

Vice President, Jobs for America's Graduates