Jobs for Montana’s Graduates-Fundraising for a Cause

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A hallmark of the JAG program is community service. Being active in the community and helping others teaches JAG students humility and raises their self-esteem.  In a small town in Montana, the Roberts School Junior High Jobs for Montana Graduates class worked for several months to raise money in support of the Montana Wounded Warrior Project. The JMG students operated a school store after each academic day, and in addition, the class raffled off a quilt. Mrs. Dines, a resident of Roberts, donated her time and energy to hand stitch a quilt which was raffled off to help raise money for JMG and the Montana Wounded Warriors.

The Montana Wounded Warriors (MWW) organization assists veterans who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. The mission of the group is, “to provide wounded Montana veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars with high quality hunting and fishing opportunities in the state of Montana.”   JMG chose the MWW in part because their staff is 100% volunteer. “This is quite interesting because there still are people doing good things out of the kindness of their heart and not expecting anything in return, that’s cool.” said Elijah Foss.

Taught by Mrs. Hogan, the JMG class which meets daily.  The majority of the money donated to MWW was raised through the JMG store. “We opened the store as a money making project and as a service to students.” Mrs. Hogan said. The JMG store helps students learn money management skills and in this case allowed the JMG class to help others.