Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s State of the State Address Features JAG-Kansas

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January 15, 2014
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In Governor Brownback’s State of the State Address, he recognized a major education initiative to serve young people in high school that might otherwise“fall through the cracks”.  The statewide program, led by Matt Fearing, was launched in the fall of 2013 in 25 schools. TANF is the primary source of funding for the statewide program.

Governor Brownback acknowledged the JAG program in his address which can be read or watched below:


“The Jobs for America’s Graduates program reaches out to high school students at risk of falling through the cracks. It helps them build the skills to make the best of their lives.

A Wichita JAG student who has spent most of his life in foster care, describes the program by saying: “JAG is not a program or a class. JAG is family.”

I have witnessed the impact of the JAG program first hand. One of our JAG leaders is Mike Munoz, who is working with students at Highland Park High School here in Topeka.

He has joined us this evening. Mike is an inspiration to all his students and proof that one man can make a big difference in many lives.

Would you join me in thanking Mike for his great work?”

JAG-Kansas State Director Matt Fearing reported that JAG-Kansas Specialist Mike Munoz said that he and his student were given what they referred to as “red carpet” treatment and that the student he took with him to the State of the State was on cloud nine having been part of the event and recognized by Governor Brownback.  The recognition has benefited the program statewide and will be most helpful in working with employers to provide seniors with placements in full-time quality jobs or part-time jobs for those that wish to combine work with enrollment in a postsecondary education.