MyTarius Thomas Story

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MyTarius Thomas, a 2011 graduate of Leesville High School in Leesville, Louisiana,
was asked to share his story at the 2013 Louisiana State Leadership Conference.
Unfortunately, he was scheduled to report to U.S. Army basic training  at Fort
Sill, Oklahoma on the day prior to the conference.  His JAG Specialist, Mrs. Alice
Guess, talked with his mother, Mrs. Lisa Thomas, and suggested that MyTarius
be interviewed and video his story.  The video was received the day before the
state conference with a message that hoped it could be used.  The state director,
Dianna Keller, was totally impressed with the production and contacted him just
prior to his boarding the plane and thanked him for the unique way he shared
his personal story.

His mom, Mrs. Thomas, shared that he finished the video at 4:00 am in the garage
where he had hung a black sheet behind where he video taped his story.  It was
obvious that he wanted to tell the story right because he wanted it to be right
for his mom and dad, his Specialist and for those that hear the story.  This is your
opportunity to hear an innovative and passionate story of a very talented young
man–MyTarius Thomas!