Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates

J4NG is a 501c3 non-profit organization that changes the lives of youth through education. We guide promising young Nevadans to brighter career pathways. Nevada high school students struggle to graduate and find a pathway to a better life. Many drop out because they face seemingly insurmountable obstacles created by poverty, traumatic childhood experiences and an overwhelmed education system.

Today’s students possess great intelligence, talent, desire, and need caring adults and a structured support system that embraces them in community care. This is where J4NG comes in. By embedding a caring adult who can provide mentoring, support, inspiration, and workplace readiness training in Nevada schools, J4NG helps students reach their highest potential. With a 97.74% graduation rate and 80.46% positive outcome rate (employment, college, and military or a combination equaling full time), J4NG gives students a gateway for opportunity.

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