Awards and Recognition

Nominations Now Open!

JAG is thrilled to celebrate the outstanding members of the JAG National Network at the exhilarating 2024 National Training Seminar! Brace yourself for an electrifying experience as awards are bestowed upon deserving individuals during both the dynamic Opening and Closing Sessions of NTS. Seize this incredible opportunity to bask in well-deserved recognition and revel in the excitement of being rewarded for your exceptional efforts!

CSA Representatives may submit a maximum of three (3) nominees and the appropriate documentation for the JAG High Performer Awards.

Nominations and documentation must be completed online and submitted before June 1, using the Online Awards Submission Form. *Out-of-School and Non-Senior 5 of 5 Award deadlines are June 15. 

Opening Session Recognition

  • 6-of-6 National Network Award recognizes the highest-achieving states, regions, and programs that exceed all six of Jobs for America’s Graduates National’s performance metrics aimed at graduation and employment. Performance metrics include graduation rate, employment rate, full-time employment, total full-time positive outcomes, connectivity rate, and further education rate.
  • 5-of-5 Non-Senior National Network Award recognizes affiliates, regions, and programs that achieve the performance metrics outlined for Middle School and students enrolled in grades 9-11. Award criteria include high school transition/matriculation rate, improvement in attendance rate, academic improvements, reduction in discipline referrals, and a reduction in one or more selection criteria by the end of the program year as identified in the model standards. 
  • Outstanding Specialists are recognized by their state affiliate for going above and beyond their role as specialists in support of our JAG students and staff.  Outstanding Specialists are recognized with a monetary award and certificate. 

Closing Session Recognition

  • Scholarship Awards are awarded to the top 10 Affiliates who award scholarships to JAG Participants. Documentation is submitted by Specialists in JAGForce and the report should be uploaded to be considered for this award. 
  • High Performers are selected by CSA Representatives for their extraordinary service to JAG. High Performers can be Specialists, managers, school administrators, community leaders, or outstanding stakeholders who have positively impacted a JAG affiliate.
  • Peak Performers are recognized by the JAG National Network based on the data collected from the JAG Data System.  Peak Performers are recognized for outstanding results in removing barriers, competency attainment, and contact hours.